• Tuesday, 19 September, 2023 11:02:AM

    Son of Tamilnadu CM is continuously saying that Sanatan is like Malaria, Dengue or Covid, he is saying that some rituals are difficult to digest and this is the only reason that the downtrodden are always suppressed by the upper caste for their benefit source says. The opposition leaders are silently supporting the cause of Junior Stalin and are keeping silent over the issue source says. In the south, the OBC, Dalits are more prominent and always struggling for their rights whereas in northern areas Sanatan is divided into varnas source says. In recent elections, it has been observed that OBC, Dalits favoured BJP but opposition leaders now think that this issue is likely to change the views of these communities and they are likely to come back to Congress source says. Probably keeping these in mind some leaders of the opposition also raised concerns over Ramcharitamanas source says. All these tactics are to woo Dalit, OBC in favour source says


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