• Monday, 24 June, 2019 08:18:AM

    Everyone got surprised with the selection of Mr Chowdhury as leader of Congress in Parliament. Sources say prior to fly for London, Mr Rahul visited Mr  Pranab Mukherjee probably to discuss present party position and how to come out from such demoralised state of mind of workers. Mr Mukherjee advised the President of Congress party to work day and night to rejuvenate party cadre and to select a fir brand leader instead of a sophisticated person in the Parliament. Rahul was made to understand that instead of Tharoor, a sophisticated person Adhir Chowdhury would be a better choice to counter the onslaught of BJP during discussions. Mukherjee, sources say also added that personally, he dislikes him but the party needs such leader in the Parliament. President of the party left by saying he will discuss with UPA Chairperson. After a day announcement of Chowdhury as a leader speaks that still party addresses to the advice of such senior leader.


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