• Monday, 24 June, 2019 08:18:AM

    After parliament elections, leaders are focussing on state elections. PK is in great demand. West Bengal is on the hotbed. Political parties in the state started preparing turf for the next election. Ashish, the nephew of Mamta Didi, convinced party leader to rope in PK to plan next election. Sources say the hefty fee was to be paid. Didi also agreed to take services of PK.  After thumping victory of Jagan Reddy, who also worked with PK for preparation of state elections, Mamta Didi had long discussions with Jagan on the future course of action, during discussions, sources say the services of Mr PK also figured. Mr Reddy though praised services and technical support extended by the team of PK but added that sources say some time become adamant and demanding. Explaining his experience, Reddy said that prior to parliament elections PK  pursued him to maintain good relation with Modi. Didi got the hint and probably instructed Ashish not to depend fully on PK team, she will lead the campaign herself and if necessary, take technical assistance to give momentum to the campaign be sought only? Is West Bengal likely to become testing ground for BJP and TMC?


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