• Monday, 22 November, 2021 09:52:AM

     Duo considered very knowledgeable and had the sixth sense to find out solutions of all problems but on the front of Kissan andolaan both missed the bus, sources say probably due to wrong briefing and their natural attitude. Meeting of ex-CM of Punjab with Shah and later PM was on the agenda of withdrawal of all three acts and probably it was promised by Captain that after announcement only he will openly play for BJP, has helped the leaders of BJP to go for withdrawal, sources say. Even after the announcement, Kissan leaders did not agree to withdraw the agitation till the acts are repealed by parliament, sources say such an attitude of Kissan leaders ultimately downgrades the status of top leadership in government. Opposition leadership also make this announcement as the failure of government in parliament and raise the issue of the death of seven hundred Kissans during agitation and in spite of the announcement of withdrawal end of agitation is not in sight?


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