• Monday, 22 November, 2021 09:52:AM

      Family trouble started after taking the oath of Hemant Soren as CM. Mrs Durga Soren, Mrs Sita Soren wife of late elder brother Durga Soren of Hemant, and her two daughters, Jai Shree and Rajashree have formed one non-political NGO to raise some important issues, sources say. CM says that this is only to pressurise the government to give work to their construction company. Sources say that Hemant was not ready to give tickets to his wife but to keep the family united agreed to. Younger brother Vasant also did not have a good rapport with him because he opposed his second marriage with one lady from Uttarakhand. Sources say when Hemant deputed his wife to Vasant's house to convince Vasan, both Vasant and his second wife misbehaved with her. This has resulted in a rift between the two. Sources say that the second wife of Vasant is having very good relations with BJP leaders and the present leadership of Jharkhand thinks that she will try her best to divide the party in the future, sources say. It’s true that at present Hemant is the undisputed leader of his party.?


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