• Monday, 22 November, 2021 09:52:AM

    One leader approached Sadhu with the request to bless him to become the leader and win the elections. The great saint blessed him and fortunately, the leader won the election and then he again approached the great Sadhu to bless him for becoming Minister. Sadhu tried his best to convince that with the elected leader tag also he can work for benefit of the poor and downtrodden but the leader persistently requested Sadhu for his blessings. After not getting a chance of becoming minister changed their loyalty and with new equations became minister but his ambition was something else,sources say he started thinking to become CM, when failed, tried to replace and with a lot of energy succeded in his efforts and got changed one CM but sources say he was not a person to stop here and again started lobbying for his coronation but the party not given him a chance and stalled one new face to CM. Sources say perturbed with this the ambitious leader on all fronts tried to influence the new CM belongs to Dalit community to do everything in the administration with his consent and discussion. Sources added that very gentle and down-to-earth new CM slowly started gaining recognition not only from the public but also from opposition due to his developmental and popular schemes for the downtrodden. The acceptance of the new CM by the public was probably not digested by the ambitious leader and he started demanding that all appointments and all programs of CM should have his stamps and by not going on the dotted line, started criticizing his CM. Sources say the high command of the party with all acceptance of CM by public started supporting and this probably irritating the ambitious leader but despite critical to his CM, who leads the team of the devotees to the Gurdwara up to border without the ambitious leader, sources say clearly indicates that CM is not going to follow guidelines of the state ambitious leader but with support of party high command make his way to lead the party in coming elections to regain the power?


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