• Monday, 29 November, 2021 11:50:AM

     The term of Subramanian Swamy is expiring in the middle of next year, sources say, he feels that his utterness on some actions of BJP and government probably not liked by people sitting on top and his nomination for another term in Rajya Sabha is not likely to happen. Though he has already knocked on the door of all who matters sources say no one has given him any assurance. To continue in Rajya Sabha probably he has tried with other parties also and Ms Mamta, CM of WB is seen as one most promising and good option, sources say. TMC will have four vacancies in the middle and with an unprecedented majority in Vidhan Sabha, she will be able to send all four nominees without any serious trouble in Rajya Sabha, sources say. The recent meeting between Ms Mamta didi and Swamy has given hope to get this alliance materialized. The praise and equating Ms Mamta di with his old friends and well-wishers by Swamy also given chance to political observers to say that die-hard critic of left policies probably leaning towards as Ms Mamta Di Di is also not that critic to left. BJP is a little disturbed with a new combination but sources say it's politics and anything can happen?


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