• Monday, 29 November, 2021 11:50:AM

    All of a sudden the announcement of withdrawal of three krishi acts by the government surprised many, sources say. Political observers feel that the decision might have been necessitated after the offer of one Gurdwara to Muslim brothers to offer their prayers in the basement if the Gurudwara, sources say. This has been seen by the government as a threat to the governance and of course a risky combination to face in the elections, sources say. Kissan andolan has already eroded the popularity of the ruling party to some extent and allowed to continue not supported by some faction in the party itself after realizing the ground realities, sources say. The conditional support offered by Captain Amrinder Singh to BJP.sources say was also to withdraw prior to elections and then he will come out in full swing in support of BJP. Sources say though damage has already been substantial damage control efforts on a war footing by party and raising some of emotional issues party likely to regain the power in some states?


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