• Monday, 29 November, 2021 11:50:AM

     Everyone was taken aback by the announcement of withdrawal of three acts, in the first go it seems that consultation in the party not in government was felt necessary before reaching the final judgment, sources say. One thing the political observers feel is that consultation with Captain Amrinder Singh and Chief of the highest authority of Sikhs,Akal Takht was done because just after the announcement the statement issued by Jathedar of Akal Takht Gyani Harpreet Singh that the announcement has saved the nation from more miseries, sources say. Captain Amrinder Singh probably through Gurnam Singh Chadhuni tried to convince the kissan leaders and given assurance to Captain that after the announcement the Kissans of Punjab will start going back but Tikait has added some points in his demand, sources say that unless the act is repealed by parliament, Kissans will not move further he added that, Ajay Mishra to resign, MSP and compassion for the dead agitators. Probably this has stopped movements of Kissans back to their home and survey reports that speak not a very healthy sign in coming elections for BJP and some concrete steps required to regain the faith of Kissans, sources say?


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