• Monday, 10 January, 2022 11:59:AM

    Three prominent Muslim faces are completing their terms in Rajya Sabha this year. Mukhtar Ahmad Naqvi, Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand, central minister and promotor of Huner Hat, Sayyed Jafar Islam, MP from UP, with a close relationship with Middle East countries, the initially present government wanted to use his contacts for betterment of country but enjoyed only half of the tenure and third is Journalist turned politician M J Akbar, who was a minister in the first cabinet but had to resign due to Me Too episode and since then keeping low, sources say. It is almost certain that Naqvi will be nominated but from Bihar to ensure work to break the togetherness of Muslim and Yadav’s and Islam will get nomination the second time to give the impression to Muslims that the party is not in opposition but supports the good cause and also use his contacts for the country sources say but Akbar likely to lose the chance sources say?


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