• Monday, 10 January, 2022 11:59:AM

     Think tank of BJP is supporting the present Kerala Governor, a staunch supporter of PM policy on article 370, sources say. In 2022 August the present Vice President is completing his tenure and probably Khan will fill the slot, sources say. If it is finalized, the party thinks that base in Telangana and Kerala and also will give hint to Muslims that in BJP all are equal and no discrimination, sources say. Other names taking round is of Rajya Sabha member Prakash Jawadkar and the deputy speaker Harvansh Narayan Singh, sources say. But the final name will only be decided after the elections of five states in the coming days. Sources say that BJP is not sure to go beyond 123 seats and with limited seats in four states BJP probably focusing on UP because of failure in grabbing more seats in state elections the party leaders think that the results will go long way and repercussions will not be favorable sources say? 


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