• Monday, 10 January, 2022 11:59:AM

     The government is trying hard to get the central vista ready for the parade but the rains this month have almost stopped the work which was going on a war footing, sources say. Pumps installed to remove water from pits almost working round the clock but continuous rains not allowing work to start. The government wanted to invite leaders from the Middle East to counter the influence of China in the area, media people were also asked to submit details for passes, etc to cover the parade but now it’s almost one month no significant moves from the government side to show preparedness for the parade, sources say. In the meantime, the Corona is also creating havoc and as per experts January end till February middle the effects will be on peak and gathering in public places is not advisable, sources say under this circumstance when the government has already stopped gathering in public places, how this parade with a lot of people is to be managed is a great challenge to the organizers?


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