• Monday, 17 January, 2022 01:28:AM

    One of the most prominent photojournalist of the country lost her very valuable camera while traveling in shared auto between Luxmi Nagar to Noida sources say. Her complaint and frequent visits to the police Thana to persuade the case could not yield any positive results. One day she anyhow handed over her copy of the complaint to HM when he was about to go for a session in the corridor and pleaded that it is not possible for her to buy a new costly camera and urged him to look into it. Sources say HM without uttering any word took her complaint and entered the house sources say. The photojournalist remained in town waiting for any response and after seven days left for her hometown. Surprised with a call from the crime branch to come and collect her camera from court after a few days sources say? This is the way how the top takes care of the public.


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